Tuesday, June 26, 2012

New Shoes plus My Dress!!

Pattern: Vogue 2880
Size: I made a 12
Fabric: Georgette for the exterior and a china silk lining, both from Haberman's
Alterations/Notes: This dress takes a LOT of time. That being said, if you are willing to put the appropriate time into making this one, it is definitely worth the effort.

The lining is done inside out. I was a little confused when sewing it together to the actual dress because typically the seams in the lining face the inside of the dress so that when you look at the dress interior, you don't see the seams. This dress, however, is opposite. You WILL see the seams on the interior of the dress (which some of them are covered up by the foundation).

I particularly liked the fact that the pattern was very well written and easy to follow (even if there were 148 steps..) I skipped around in the pattern so that I could do the lining as soon as I did the exterior (since they were the same, it made sense to me to do them at the same time..the pattern has you do the exterior first and then the lining).

And some changes:
1. I used 1/2" plastic rings instead of D rings per other people's suggestions.
2.The dress came out a little big in the waist area. I took in at the corset about 2" because when I pulled it tight, the ribbon didn't lay flat.
3.I also took the seam in about 2" where the skirt connects to the bodice because it was sitting too low on my hips.
4.I tacked down about 3/4" or maybe 1" up at the front neckline because I felt I needed to be a TAD bit more modest...I kept trying to pull it closed when it was on and I think that just tacking it did the trick.
5. I did not sew in the hanging straps. I have them pinned in to hang the dress and that way when I wear it, I can just un-pin them and not have annoying straps popping out.
6. I did not think that the straps needed shortening like a lot of the reviews stated. They do stick out from the shoulder, but if they didn't, you wouldn't be able to lift your arms up to dance. 

Just bought these shoes at JC Penny for $17!! I'm so excited. Yes, I did make sure I could walk in them before I bought them. Hehe
And here is the dress:


  1. You look fabulous, great dress and beautiful color. Lots of steps but it was worth it!!!

  2. Gorgeous! You did an amazing job.