Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Here's some more Halloween pictures!! We dressed up as a Dalek (me) and Dr. Who---David Tennant (Matt).

Here we are fighting:

And a nice pose:

Here's our pumpkin lit up...we put Matt's X-mas tree he made from LED lights in it and they blink so it was exciting:

Here's a close-up of my head piece that Matt made for me:

And Matt looked HOT as the Dr. Hehehe:

Close-up of my eye makeup...I was really proud of it since I am horrible at make-up!!

And another nice pose:

And fighting...since it's kind of the Dr.'s job to kill me and my job to EXTERMINATE!!!!!!!!!!! Hehehe


Happy Halloween!!!!

(Okay, so we still need to get Matt in his costume...but here's me!)

We also carved pumpkins this weekend! And I made pumpkin seeds. Yum! We just carved one pumpkin this year instead of two..Matt drew the face and then I decided a heart shaped nose would make it more "us" instead of just "Matt". :)

Isn't he cute????

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween!!!

I had some fun baking last night! I made these cute little spider cupcakes. Hehehe. I based it on this recipe. I used a chocolate cake receipt and a chocolate icing recipe from Bubby's cookbook and they are DELICIOUS! And adorable. :)

I had a hard time finding black licorice that would work for the legs. Finally, I went to Jim's Foodmart and got black licorice wheels that I could unroll into legs that worked perfectly!

Here's the one I ate last night. hehehe Isn't he cute?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Matching Set!

I was so productive last night!!! I made a matching set!! I tried a new underwear pattern this time. This one's from Burdastyle. I like it!

Fabric: 98% polyester, 2% lycra knit fabric from
Alterations: None, except the usual shortening of the shirt length. Also, I hemmed the sleeves at 1/4" and they are still a little bit short. Next time, I will make them longer. Also, I sewed the side seams at 5/8" instead of 1/4". Love the undies. Hehe.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Here it is!!! Please excuse the was still a bit dark this morning...the inside photos are a little better. Anyways...I finished my McCall's jacket this weekend. Yay! I really like it. It fits perfectly.

Pattern: McCall's M5759
Size: 6
Fabric: Wool/Silk blend from for the exterior, Satin lining from for the interior. It's very warm. :)
Alterations: I omitted the shoulder pads (really glad I did!) and I added a hanging loop. Also, I skipped the understitching at the end...couldn't figure out how to do it! If I stop being lazy, I will redo the hem on the sleeves...they are a little short for my taste.

And a close-up of my buttons:

Here's the fake pocket:

I added a little loop so I can hang the jacket. I'm really glad I added this!!


Yay! I have some pictures of my Halloween costume! I'm a Dalek. Hehehe. Matt is going as the 10th Doctor. Together, we will be awesome!!!

Matt will be making my headpiece with LED lights..but it's not done yet. Here are some pictures in the mean time. When we dress up for Halloween, I will post some pictures of us together. :)

Pattern: My own design!! Woo hoo!!! Basically, I just traced a skirt I liked for the bottom, I somehow figured out the top, added an invsisible zipper in the side and made it halter style (I accidentally cut the straps to was supposed to have straps)
Fabric: Some cheap satin fabric from Walmart..eww...haha it turned out okay, though. The domes are styrofoam on the front painted black and the domes on the back are black felt (this way I can sit down in the costume!). I glued them on with fabric glue. The plunger is some very stiff interfacing painted black. It fits on my wrist so I can still function with it on. :)

In other exciting jacket is done!!! I just need Matt to take some pictures and then I will post them.

Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm getting really excited about this jacket!! It's ALMOST DONE!!!!!!! :):):) I just need to do some finishing on it. I need to slip stitch the buttonholes together. I need to get buttons...(I think that's the hardest part), I need to hem the lining sleeves and the bottom edge. Then....I think it's done!! :)

I added a loop so I would be able to hang the jacket:

Don't mind my completely spaced-out look, but here it is on:

So....what buttons should I use?! I would cover my own buttons, but I had a bad experience with them when I made my raincoat. When I first opened the pacakage, one was broken already. Then, in my second pacakage, another one was broken!! THENNN...after they were all sewn on to my raincoat, every time I used a certain button, it broke! UGH. So I had to replace that one. I was very upset and would rather not use them on buttons that will get a lot of use. Maybe there's a different brand that is made better?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toe Cozies Pattern

Toe Cozies

Skill Level: Beginner/Intermediate
Techniques: Knitting in the round, ribbing, decreases
Guage: 27.0 to 28.0 sts = 4 inches
Sizes Available: Small (shoe size 7)
Materials: Partial skein of sock weight yarn, stitch marker, blunt-eye needle (for sewing in ends), US size 1 double-pointed-needles (or size needed to obtain guage)

Cast on 36 stitches (12 stitches on each needle). Join in round, being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker and begin k1 p1 rib. Work ribbing for ¾", then begin to work in st st (knit every round). Continue until piece measures 2 inches less than desired length.

Adjust stitches so that 9 stitches are on needle 1, 18 stitches are on needle 2, and 9 stitches are on needle 3. Work toe as follows:

Round 1:Needle 1: Work to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.
Needle 2: K1, ssk, work to last 3 stitches, k2tog, k1.
Needle 3: K1, ssk, knit to end of needle.

Round 2:Knit

Repeat rounds 1 and 2 until 12 stitches remain. Place stitches on 2 needles and graft together. Tie in loose ends and begin to keep your toes warm!

Ribbed Pom-Pom Hat Pattern

Here's a hat that I designed. Sorry, I'm not really sure how to post a PDF download on here. Does anybody know how to do that? Anyways, here's the pattern:

Ribbed Pom-Pom Hat
Just a cute hat to brighten up winter. Add a pom-pom for more excitement!

Skill Level:
Techniques: Knitting in the round, ribbing, k2tog

Guage: 20 sts=4" in st st
Sizes Available: Child (adult small, adult large)

Materials: 1 skein worsted weight yarn in MC, less than 1 skein of worsted weight yarn in CC, stitch marker, blunt-eye needle (for sewing in ends), US size 7 double-pointed-needles (or size needed to obtain guage)

Brim: Cast on 96 (104, 112) in MC. Join in the round being careful not to twist stitches. Place marker to indicate beginning of round.

Work in k2, p2 rib for 2".

Knit 2 rounds. These 2 rounds create the fold for the brim of the hat.

Continue in k2, p2 rib for 3". (Your hat will measure 5" from beginning)

Create Stripes: Switch to CC and work 4 rounds in k2, p2 rib.

Switch to MC and work 2 rounds in k2, p2 rib.

Switch to CC and work 10 rounds in k2, p2 rib.

Switch to MC and work 2 rounds in k2, p2 rib.

Switch to CC and work 4 rounds in k2, p2 rib.

Decreases: Next round, using MC and continuing in ribbing begin decreasing as follows: *Note: When you decrease, you will always decrease using a k2tog…even when decreasing on a purl/knit stitch or two purl stitches. Other than when you decrease, keep in ribbing (knit a knit stitch and purl a purl stitch)

Round 1: *Work 6 stitches in rib, k2tog.* Repeat between ** around. Round 2: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. (You will knit on top of your decreases from previous round) Round 3: *Work 5 stitches in rib, k2tog.* Repeat between ** around. Round 4: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Round 5: *Work 4 stitches in rib, k2tog.* Repeat between ** around. Round 6: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Round 7: *Work 3 stitches in rib, k2tog.* Repeat between ** around. Round 8: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Round 9: *Work 2 stitches in rib, k2tog.* Repeat between ** around. Round 10: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Round 11: *Work 1 stitch in rib, k2tog.* Repeat between ** around. Round 12: Knit the knit stitches and purl the purl stitches. Round 13: k2tog around

Round 14: Knit Round 15: k2tog around

Cut yarn and thread tail through remaining stitches. Pull tight and weave in all ends. If desired, you may tack down the brim of the hat in one place so that it doesn’t flop over on its own.

Make pom-pom (optional): Use both MC and CC. Leaving a long tail, wrap yarn around your hand 50 times. (If you want a bigger pom-pom, wrap more times. If you want a smaller one, wrap less times.) Cut yarn, leaving a long tail (approximately 12"). Take the two tails and tie them around the pom-pom in a knot to secure the pom-pom. (See "before" picture below) Once the pom-pom is secured, cut the loops of the pom-pom being careful NOT to cut your knot. Finally, trim your pom-pom to desired size and shape. Sew pom-pom onto the top of your hat and enjoy!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Excitement

I received my mug rug from my swap partner on Ravelry over the weekend! It's SO beautiful. I absolutely love it. The theme was winter/fall and I picked winter. I think she hit my personality and what I like spot on!!

Here it is in use this weekend:

ANDDDD I got new gym shoes!!!! YAY! And they're pink! I'm so excited. My other ones were from about 6 years ago and completely falling apart. Oh, and my calves were just killing me every time I worked out in definitely time for a new pair. Yay!

And....(this weekend was just so exciting)...I bought a set of hair curlers!! So, here is this morning which is my first attempt. Could have been worse, for sure. Anyone got any tips?? picture here, but I went to see the new Footloose movie. It was very good. Of course I can't remember the I will have to rent that, but this new one was great!

Sunday, October 16, 2011


This weekend was the LSPR race! Mason races in it every year, so we were able to shut down the office and go watch him on Friday!

The weather was miserable, but it was fun watching the rally cars anyways.

Some people built a huge fire in the Moyle pit to try to stay warm....

Here's Mason zooming by on the 2nd stage: we stood in the pouring rain for 3+ hours....and were COMPLETELY soaked....and cold....and oh yeah, we were under a super duper wind storm, too. Haha..Ah well, we still had a blast!

Friday, October 14, 2011


I made this for Sukkot tonight. It's a chocolate filled boston cream pie. Yum!! I can't wait to eat it. :)

Also, here is the progress on my jacket! So far, so good. :)

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


 Well, I'm making some progress on my jacket!!!
I found it really interesting how they designed the buttonholes. They are in the seam of the front curvy piece so that you don't have to add buttonholes later! Woo hoo!!

Also, I am about to start a new knitting project using Debbie Bliss's Prima yarn!
I will be making this top from Knitty (and it's free!)
Here's a pic: