Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Excitement

I received my mug rug from my swap partner on Ravelry over the weekend! It's SO beautiful. I absolutely love it. The theme was winter/fall and I picked winter. I think she hit my personality and what I like spot on!!

Here it is in use this weekend:

ANDDDD I got new gym shoes!!!! YAY! And they're pink! I'm so excited. My other ones were from about 6 years ago and completely falling apart. Oh, and my calves were just killing me every time I worked out in definitely time for a new pair. Yay!

And....(this weekend was just so exciting)...I bought a set of hair curlers!! So, here is this morning which is my first attempt. Could have been worse, for sure. Anyone got any tips?? picture here, but I went to see the new Footloose movie. It was very good. Of course I can't remember the I will have to rent that, but this new one was great!

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