Sunday, October 23, 2011


Yay! I have some pictures of my Halloween costume! I'm a Dalek. Hehehe. Matt is going as the 10th Doctor. Together, we will be awesome!!!

Matt will be making my headpiece with LED lights..but it's not done yet. Here are some pictures in the mean time. When we dress up for Halloween, I will post some pictures of us together. :)

Pattern: My own design!! Woo hoo!!! Basically, I just traced a skirt I liked for the bottom, I somehow figured out the top, added an invsisible zipper in the side and made it halter style (I accidentally cut the straps to was supposed to have straps)
Fabric: Some cheap satin fabric from Walmart..eww...haha it turned out okay, though. The domes are styrofoam on the front painted black and the domes on the back are black felt (this way I can sit down in the costume!). I glued them on with fabric glue. The plunger is some very stiff interfacing painted black. It fits on my wrist so I can still function with it on. :)

In other exciting jacket is done!!! I just need Matt to take some pictures and then I will post them.

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