Friday, October 21, 2011


I'm getting really excited about this jacket!! It's ALMOST DONE!!!!!!! :):):) I just need to do some finishing on it. I need to slip stitch the buttonholes together. I need to get buttons...(I think that's the hardest part), I need to hem the lining sleeves and the bottom edge. Then....I think it's done!! :)

I added a loop so I would be able to hang the jacket:

Don't mind my completely spaced-out look, but here it is on:

So....what buttons should I use?! I would cover my own buttons, but I had a bad experience with them when I made my raincoat. When I first opened the pacakage, one was broken already. Then, in my second pacakage, another one was broken!! THENNN...after they were all sewn on to my raincoat, every time I used a certain button, it broke! UGH. So I had to replace that one. I was very upset and would rather not use them on buttons that will get a lot of use. Maybe there's a different brand that is made better?

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