Tuesday, September 6, 2011


I finished my raincoat just in time for the fall, rainy season!This coat fits perfectly and I love everything about it! It's another Amy Butler pattern. The exterior is a laminated fabric from Michael Miller and the inside is a cotton from Portage Quilt House. I made the size small, short length, with the pleated pocket option.

This hood is so perfect and big.

Here's the pocket--it's big, which is great because I use every inch of my pockets sometimes!

And the back side:

Check out my super awesome pink floral lining!!!! Thinking back now, I may have made an inside pocket if I had thought about it...ah well!

I love that there is even a hook to hang the coat. I'm worried that it's a bit small for the weight of the coat-we'll see if it falls off.

I did the pleated pocket option instead of the gathered pocket because it was a little bit bigger:

I was really dreading these buttons..I've never covered my own buttons before and didn't realize how EASY it is!!! And they match perfectly. :)

The inside has smaller buttons to help stabilize the bigger exterior buttons.

The only modification I made was that I made belt loops out of the exterior fabric instead of thread loops. I just couldn't understand after putting in so much effort into the coat why anyone would want thread loops????!!! Also, I tacked the back of the belt down so it wouldn't fall off.


  1. That is so cute!!! I have got to check out Amy Butler patterns.

  2. I love this! Beautiful details and finish!

  3. Hi Shaye...what sort of fabric is that? Oil cloth? What sewing machine do you use? I have a standard Brother brand machine I got from Costco a few years ago and it makes me NOT want to sew anything...any recommendations? By the way, I love your choice of Amy Butler/Michael Miller fabrics. So nice to see you are a successful crafter/blogger. Way cooler than running that Chester Corporation back in school ;-)