Thursday, September 15, 2011

"Sew" much to do!

Sometimes I think about all of the things I want (HAVE) to make...and my heart starts beating really fast and I get overwhelmed and then freak out. Does this happen to anyone else?


See...the problem is...right now I'm working on that pair of underwear that I mentioned in a previous post...and I can probably finish those before the weekend. Then...I am getting a big shipment in today from!!! In the shipment (which should be waiting for me when I get home hooray!) will include fabric to make these:

Another one of these bags for a custom special order:

Some beautiful jersey fabric to make a "one hour" dress from Vogue:

Fabric to make this beautiful jacket:

My fabric for this skirt is backordered (thank goodness because I have enough projects, don't you think?):

Then...not to mention I can't find fabric that I like for this jacket. I really would like to do a zebra print denim, but it apparently doesn't exist. I'm worried a cotton wouldn't be structured enough:

Well, and then I have this pattern and I have a cheap denim that may or may not look okay...actually I think it's a cotton that just looks like denim..I just can't decide...but I still keep thinking about it:

And I have my fabric for my Halloween costume that I need to design...and that really needs to be done before October 31st!!

Oh yeah, and I also bought extra jersey fabric so I can make another one of these...except with longer sleeves and maybe a wider neckline:

And then I have the problem of going onto other people's Blogs and then I get inspired and want to make even MORE beautiful things...and that's when I start panicking.

Not to mention my knitting projects!!!!! AHHH!!!

And all of my customers wanting more chalkboards and knitting totes...

And...I want to just embroider a million things thanks to my new Janome embroidery machine.

Like I's getting to be a serious problem!! Haha!

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