Thursday, September 1, 2011

What's new?

Hmm...well, nothing much is new! I took my new embroidery machine in to get serviced so I haven't been able to use that. The bobbin plate had a dent in it which was catching my thread and making it break. So...I picked it up yesterday and tried it this morning and it's STILL breaking!! Ugh. I don't know if it's me or my thread or the machine. She said it was working perfectly when she tried it. :(:(:(:(:(

Anyways, I'm really frusturated over that. My good ol' faithful Singer is still working wonderfully, though, and I've been making lots of circular needle cases.

I also started sewing this Amy Butler raincoat using Michael Miller fabric from

I don't have my lining fabric yet...I plan to pick that up hopefully today from Portage Quilt House. I have everything that I could sew without the lining done already. Here's the hood:

I am really excited about this raincoat!!!

I also made some more pyramid pags:
Aren't they fun? They are really easy to make. Simply cut 8" squares out of your main fabric, interfacing and your lining fabric. Make a zipper sandwhich, add a tab and voila! Okay okay...maybe one day I'll write that up so it's easier to understand. :)

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