Thursday, September 20, 2012

Alternative to Cosmetic Surgery?

Have you seen Channel 7 news or the new Avon commercials? 100% of women tested showed significantly reduced deep wrinkles in just a few weeks after using the new AF33 Avon technology.

And guess what?? I can get some for you at a special intro price of $34.99. Soon they will be $40, so make sure to stock up now.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

New Dress!

I like this one a lot. Can't wait to wear it! I did make a lot of changes, though. I shortened the dress by about 4". Also, I shortened the straps by about 6" each and the off the shoulder straps by about 2" each. I shortened the off-the-shoulder straps by cutting them and then sewing them in the back of the dress like you sew the rest of the made shortening them easy because you can see all the seams anyways! I also made the regular straps straight instead of pull to one side so that you don't see my bra straps.

This one is Vogue 1280, I used a 2 way stretch fabric from Haberman's.