Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Hour Dress? Ha!!'s just been one of those weeks. You know?

I've been working on my Halloween costume and for the most part it's been going well. It just might be too small. Heh..well I will put in the zipper and see for sure. Hope it's fine.

Also, I've been working on this so-called "one hour dress" from McCall's:

And well, it's definitely taken more than one hour!! Now I realize that the one hour did not include cutting the pattern pieces out or marking them or pinning..

I realize also that the one hour did not include my inability to cut the sleeves following the grain (which I now fully realize why you are supposed to follow the grain markings especially on stretch fabric) or ripping out my 5/8" seam on the sleeves and resewing them at 1/4" to make them fit.

The one hour also does not include me sewing in the pockets backwards and having to redo those. The one hour also does not include the 4 gazillion times I had to redo the strap on the back to make it fit properly and the time it took to turn it right-side-out after sewing it.

So...I'd say all in all, I do really like this dress...just wish I didn't make so many mistakes! I think it will turn out very well in the end. It's almost done-I have hopes of wearing it tomorrow, but that may be too aggressive of a goal. We'll see. I can definitely say that I can wear it to work on Monday if tomorrow doesn't work. (Besides, Fridays are casual days anyway)


On another note, I received a GIANT package today from my mom. It includes all sorts of exciting things including a whole bolt of black cotton duck fabric to make more bags with!! It also has lots of zippers (including invisible zippers so I can finish my Halloween costume) and yarn to finish my knitted cardigan that I'm making.

So, here is my goal for the weekend:

**Finish Halloween costume
**Finish "one hour dress"
**Finish knitted cardigan

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  1. I don't think I can do ANYTHING in an hour... except maybe eat dinner. Well done for sticking with it!