Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Really cool socks!

So we got this new book in called Scandinavian Socks and I made the basic slipper.

AND I LOVE IT!! hehehehehe
Yarn: Crystal Palace Merino 5 --2 skeins of solid color, 2 skeins of multi color
Needles: Size 4 --worked on 2 circular needles. I recommend using 1 lace (gold color) and 1 turbo (silver) so it's easier to distinguish which needle is which)
Pattern: In the book above, I did the basic slipper pattern.

Here are some pics:

I did the first slipper in fair isle (because I was doing the twined stitch wrong...whooops)..The second slipper is in twined knitting and part of the heel on the twined knitting slipper is done in zig zag twined. Hehe These are AWESOME! Next time, I might make the toe more rounded, but the point makes it look like an elf slipper and it's really cute!! Hehe

These are the insides of the slippers.
The slipper on the left: the top part is the zig zag twined, the bottom is the regular twined.
The slipper on the right: Fair isle

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