Thursday, May 24, 2012

I Knit a Dress!

Pattern: Swing Dress from Skacel
Zauberwolle from Skacel, 6 skeins
Needles: Ranged from an 11 at the bottom to a 4 at the top.
Size: The pattern had only 1 size..I'm a 34 bust.

I don’t think the arc pattern was translated properly into english. Instead, I’m doing a typical feather and fan as follows:
Row 1:(K2tog) 3x, (yo, k1) 6x, (k2tog) 3x

So…somehow on the decreases, I ended up with 33 extra stitches…so…I did another round of decreases and now I have 219 sts.

Anyways, made a few changes:
Did some extra decreasing for the waist (and went to an even smaller needle) and then increased back to the 224 for the ribcage/bust. I ended on a size 4 needle for the top portion.
I made the back a V-neck also because I thought it was cuter. I think maybe I will even make a second one stopping at the waist for a cute skirt!

Super happy with how this turned out!

My dress twirls!!! YAYYY!!!

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