Thursday, July 12, 2012

I made shorts! (and a cowl)

Pattern: M5391
Fabric: Some really cheap, somewhat stretchy stuff from Haberman's. This was meant to be my wearable muslin.
Size: I made a 10
Alterations: The ONLY thing I added were 2 small darts in the back waist band so it would fit a bit more snug. I wanted to make it exactly as written because this is my muslin-hence the cheapo fabric. I do have some things I would change for next time. The pockets are gaping a lot. Some other reviewer said to use stay tape (I think..I have to look that up again) to fix the gaping. I would also add a button hole above the zipper instead of the hook & eye. It just seems like the hook & eye isn't strong enough for such a highly used area. The leg openings are the perfect width. The fit is really pretty good and I'm happy with the outcome. Maybe next time, I could also add a back pocket.

Pocket gaping:

See...the hook & eye in this picture:

Oh, and I also finished a cowl!!

Pattern: Willow Cowl
Needles: US size 3
Yarn: Ella Rae Lace Merino
Notes: No notes really..cute cowl. I didn't do the 6th lace repeat..since I'm not very big, I thought it would be too much.

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  1. Nice looking pair of shorts. Purple looks wonderful on you. :-)