Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paper Piecing

I think I've finally gotten the paper-piecing technique down!! This was for a swap on Ravelry:

Okay, I decided to make another design, since I thought 10" may be too big. I will have to just back that one and maybe put insulation in it for a hot pad for myself (cuz I really like it!!!!)

Instead, I made this one...actually, I just did the appliques, and Matt layed it out for me. Then I sewed it. Thanks, Matt. :)

 And here's the back...another paper piecing pattern which turned out pretty cool. Not as cool as the original paper piecing block, but oh well.

Ta da! I think I put way too much time in it, but oh well. I learned some new things & had fun and hopefully my swap partner likes it.

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