Friday, July 15, 2011


Do you know how unbelievably wonderful it is to work with 100% pure cashmere yarn?? WOW! I never want to knit with anything else! Now...let me tell you how unbelievably wonderful it is to WEAR 100% cashmere yarn!! IT'S INCREDIBLE!!! I never want to take this scarf off:

I used the pattern Rose from Berroco. It's a very elegant scarf, I love it. I only cast on 28 sts. Also, if you cast on an even amount and always start with purl, the edge looks so much better. For the flower, I cast on 16 and 6 for the tie. :) In hind sight, I should have made the tie shorter because my scarf was skinnier, but oh well.

I never want to stop touching this yarn.

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