Thursday, November 17, 2011

Kay Unger Dress

Yay! I finished my Kay Unger dress! I really really like it a lot. It fits perfectly (well after some small adjustments..) Here are some detail pictures of the rouching, how I fixed the front to fit me bet

Pattern: V1241 Kay Unger, Vogue
Fabric: Charmeuse satin for exterior, China silk polyester for interior, both purchased from
Size: 12
Adjustments: I shortened the shoulders by approx 1". Also, I folded the front section over because it was sticking out too far from my body. It looked fine from the front, but from the side view it looked very strange. I also sewed up the crossover in the front so it wouldn't gape open. Everything else fits perfectly.

Here's a close up of the front rouching: 

Left: How I folded over the front section   Right: The bottom hem in the back

Here are the bottom pictures and the hook & eye (obviously I still can't quite figure out how to do this properly...I don't know what I'm doing wrong.)

And for the modeling picutres:

Sorry, I know...picture over load!! Hehehe. Anyways, I'm very happy with this dress.


  1. How ironic that you posted this today! I'm almost done with this dress and to my dismay my final product is fitting so different from my muslin. The front of mine is gaping horribly and I don't see an easy way to make it work. I will be closing the front by lapping the bottom on top of the top piece which will give it a "twisted" look. This weekend I will come up with a neat solution to make that happen without taking it apart. I made it in a silk crepe and cannot afford to scrap it plus I need the dress for an important upcoming event. Otherwise it fits and looks great.

  2. Wow! That is crazy. I would love to see your dress. It sounds like you are having the same gaping problem that I did, which is why I folded my front under. I am interested to see your final solution!! Good luck. :)