Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Another To do List

Okay...if I don't have a to-do list, I just get overwhelmed and can't remember what I need to get done.'s my list of things that need to be done before Saturday night.

*Rent some chic flicks (since Matt is gone this week, I need to catch up!)
*Finish a special order chalkboard
*Start cutting out fabric for my tank top

*Hair cut/arch appointment in the a.m.
*Make extra chalkboards to sell downstate
*Work on tank top
*Pick up vitamins from ShopKo
*Walk to Pit Stop for ice cream. (You anniversary treat to myself since Matt is on the island...)

*Go to library to rent audio tape for car ride downstate
*Tank top
*Finish all chalkboards
*Maybe finish accessory case that I already started?

*Finish hot pad
*Pick thimbleberries
*Tank top
*Maurices (apparently I have a free $10 from them from a looong time ago..wonder if it's still good)

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