Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Been busy!

I haven't posted in awhile....I've been busy making a gazillion chalkboards!!! I think I had about 8 orders for them...so here are some that I've made. I just need to make one more special order for a lady who wants a name embroidered on it and then I'm all caught up. (Although I think I may make a few extra to take downstate with me so people can buy them).

However....I need to make something for ME now!! So...I'm going to make this pretty tank top by Simplicity. I traced and cut out all of the pattern pieces for my size last night. I Just need to wash the fabric. 

This is the fabric I will be using. The pink will be the lining/skirt portion and the purple will be the main tank top. I bought other fabric from JoAnn's which is a charmeuse (kind of satiny), but I figure I will make a muslin out of the cotton first. A lot of people on Pattern Review say that the skirt ends up being way too big...and I didn't want to mess up the charmeuse fabric. We'll see how it goes!

Also....I haven't even knit since LAST TUESDAY!! AHH!! What's happening to me? Hehehe. Good thing I have my knitting group tonight.

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