Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tank Top-Simplicity 6466

I made a new tank top! The pattern is Simplicity 6466.  I made a size 12 and View E. I read a lot of reviews about this pattern and they all said the same thing: that the skirt was way too big. I originally wanted to make this out of some beautiful charmeuse fabric from JoAnn's, but I decided to go with some pretty cotton instead. That way, I could rip out and cut and waste fabric without feeling too guilty. After making this, I agree with all of the other reviewers. The skirt was WAY too big. I ended up cutting approx 4" from the bottom before hemming and after putting the top together, I trimmed another few inches from the width. By doing this, it made the back a little bit wonky, but at least it fits without making me look pregnant. I also added darts at the top of the side seems (right at the armpit) because it was gaping a lot at the bust.

 I also shorted the straps by approx 2 1/2". I did widen the straps, too. I cut them 2 1/2" wide so that they would better cover a bra strap. I decided to buy an invisible zipper instead of a regular zipper. I just couldn't figure out why you would want a regular zipper in a wearable garment...I am very happy with my decision. :)

Before cutting the 4" from the bottom of the skirt, I tried it on and realized it would have made a PERFECT regular skirt instead of a shirt! At that point, however, I had already made the top portion. I am debating if I want to use my nice charmeuse fabric as a skirt instead of another tank top...I'm leaning towards YES! :)

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