Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Baking and Eating Adventures

Well, Matt was out of town last week backpacking on Isle Royale with his dad and some friends. Which meant I was all alone for a whole week with NO contact AT ALL from him. :( (No cell phones on the island) So...one day I went thimbleberry picking. I ended up with four cups which is AWESOME. My friend had shown me a great place to pick them where there are just hundreds of thimbleberry bushes.

I made some jam with the thimbleberries I picked. It was very easy, since it was just freezer jam. I boiled 4 cups of thimbleberries and 4 cups of sugar.

And I ended up with these containers:

Of super delicious jam. YUM!!!

A few weeks ago I also made a rhubarb sauce. I bought some Tupperware popsicle molds and poured the sauce in the molds to make popsicles! They are very yummy. The sauce consists of rhubarb, vanilla and sugar that was melted in a sauce pan. 

While we were downstate last week, my mom stopped at Tim Hortons and bought me a present. Isn't he cute???

Too bad I ate him...

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